marți, 18 iunie 2013


           Autor POV
           There she was, outside the club, her back leaning against the wall while she was kissing a guy she only met a few hours before. Shy, hesitant at first, as if she had never done that, but as the alcohol tok over she just let herself go with the flow. In a corner of her mind her counsciousness was telling her that what she did was wrong, but actually. she didn`t give a fuck on what was wrong or right anymore. She was tired and sick of being a good girl, a simple nerd or a shadow in the background. She was feeling desperate for a change. Anyways, her partner was probably drunk enough not to remember anything the next day, so why waste the opportunity? Her toughts flew towards her friends, a smile crossing her face when she pictured their expressions if they had seen her rignt now: skinny jeans, almost transparent top, high heels and make-up....they would definitely have a stroke.
            The guy standing in front of her, kissing her so passionately was kinda her type...tall, black hair and dark eyes, definitely a catch, but how come that every time she closed her eyes a pair of green eyes kept popping up?
            -Sorry for interupting, but before screwing yourselfs right here, would you mind going back to the hotel, Lex? there he was, standing in front of the couple, his green eyes burning with annoyance, while a mean smirk appeared on his face.
            -What the fuck are you doing here?she asked hip, stepping away from the guy. Next to the intruder was her friend, with whom she originally went to that club, obviously annoyed by his interuptance.
            -Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you once he saw that you snuck out. It`s not like I enjoy babysitting, but since I had nothing better to do, I agreed. Anyways, I`ve  gotta make sure you`re okay. he said.
             Normally, he would be about the same height as her, maybe even a few inches taller, but due to her high heels she was now taller than him, and how she loved it.
             They only met twice, at some parties, but, every time, sparks would fly. She never missed a chance to annoy him. And he would always have that sexy cocky atitude on, while piercing her with those two green gems. Her friends said that there was a huge phisical atraction between the two, but she would always insist that it was a mutual hate relationship, and so things got more and more confusing.
               -No, I don`t. But I`m sure that the fact that you describe yourself so passionately is a sign of narcisism. And I really didn`t know that you had so many diseases. Why won`t you go for another round now and go hook up with some girls and leave me alone? she said, puting her ,,game on`` face.
               -Well, it depends, do you want to be on the list tonight?
               -Tch. Fuck off. And it`s not a kiss unless there are feelings attached to it. So stop being a smart-ass.
               -Yeah, right. And I`m Santa`s nephew. Is that the same thinking your ex`s had?
               -Never had one. But I still don`t want to be a clumsy scared chicken when and if I`ll ever find one. she said, crossing her arms when suddently an evil idea popped in her head, automatically sending a grin on her face.   If you don`t believe me, I can give you proff. she said nonchanlantly, walking towards her friend, wispering a ,,trust me`` then kissing her right on the lips. After breaking the kiss, a shocked pair of green eyes were staring at her.
              -Still not convinced? she asked as she walked to him so that they would face eachother.
               Her hand touched his cheek, then lifted his head so that their lips were only inches apart. Black eyes met green ones, as a strand on chocolate coloured hair brused off the guy`s face.  She had a mean simle on her face, her eyes full of amusement, while his were full of lust, as if provoking her. Then she closed the few inches between them. Their lips smashed, immersing themselves in a passionate dance. His hands rested on her waist, pulling her closer. Her tongue slid on his lips, which parted, as she playfully bit his lower lip.
               -See? she said as she walked away from his embrace. No feelings, no kiss. See you at the hotel, Andy! she said as she joined her friend in the walk towards the hotel.
                Another win for me!she tought as she left the dumbstruck Andy behind. For her it was all just a way to have fun...or so she kept telling herself while ignoring the party that begun in her stomach. He smirked, coming back to earth.
                 -This is gonna be so fun. he told himself as he followed the two girls.
N/A Scuze ca e scris in engleza, dar pur si simplu asa mi-a venit sa il scriu, nu ma intrebati de ce, nici eu nu stiu^.^ Astept parerile voastre!